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Root Canal Therapy in Scottsdale, AZ

If you’re suffering from a severe tooth infection, root canal therapy may be the solution for you. This treatment can alleviate tooth pain and save you from needing an extraction in the future. The procedure is relatively simple and extremely common. If you feel you may need a root canal, contact our office to schedule your consultation!

Schedule Your Visit $99 exam, X-rays & cleaning or Free take-home whitening and $3,500 for Invisalign or ClearCorrect.

* Regular Value $360. Valid in absence of active periodontal disease.
** Valid in absence of active periodontal disease. Savings of over $2,500.

Process of Root Canal Treatment

Before your treatment begins, our team will numb the infected area to ensure maximum comfort throughout the appointment. Following this, we’ll drill a small access hole where we will remove the infected pulp. Once the canal has been thoroughly cleaned, your tooth will be sealed off to protect it and prevent further infection.

Keeping Your Care Comfortable

Many people fear root canal treatments due to their reputation of being painful. At Toothology, we do everything we can to make your treatment stress-free and comfortable. While you’re in the dental chair, you can enjoy complimentary Netflix or Hulu on your personal television in the treatment room. We also provide pillows, blankets, and calming candles to keep you at ease while we work.

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Root Canal FAQs

What is a root canal?

A root canal is the pulp-filled cavity within a tooth root. Root canal treatment is the process of removing the infected pulp from the cavity, cleaning it, and sealing it to prevent further infection.

Do root canals hurt?

The pain experienced before your root canal treatment has been performed can be painful. However, few patients report pain while undergoing the treatment itself. In addition to a relatively painless procedure, root canal aftercare is manageable and usually involves little complication.

Will I experience pain after a root canal?

Mild discomfort may be experienced immediately following a root canal procedure due to the inflammation. This discomfort is often alleviated by over-the-counter pain medication. Many patients are able to return to their daily activities the next day.

Are root canals safe?

Root canals have become a routine part of dentistry and are performed on a regular basis. Rest assured that when you’re with our team, your treatment is safe and will be performed with extreme precision.

Affordable Dental Care

Every family has a budget, and we respect that by providing affordable dental care and flexible financial options. As Scottsdale’s budget-friendly dentist’s office, we accept most insurance, take payments through CareCredit® patient financing, and offer an in-house membership plan. Our friendly team is happy to discuss your options with you to help you decide what’s best for your needs.

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