5 Unusual Facts About Your Teeth

How much do you really know about those pearly whites that make up your smile? We bet that you know the basics of teeth: humans get two sets, most adults have 32 permanent teeth, and tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. The Toothology Dental team is fascinated by teeth (it’s our job after all), and there are so many more interesting tidbits to share. Here we’ve gathered up some of the more unusual facts about teeth.

A brunette man puts his hand on the pregnant belly of his wife as they both smile down at their unborn child

  1. Your Teeth Started Forming Before You Were Born
  2. Although babies do not have teeth when they are born, teeth start forming inside their mouths in the womb at about six weeks. Baby teeth (also called milk teeth, deciduous teeth, and temporary teeth) start erupting from the gums at about six months. By three years old, a child should have a full set of 20 baby teeth.

  3. We Hope You Will Spend 2+ Months of Your Life Brushing Your Teeth
  4. The average person will spend about 1,703 hours or 71 days brushing their teeth. This estimate was calculated assuming that a person brushes their teeth for the recommended four minutes every day for 70 years. But don’t think of this time as excessive or wasteful. Consider it an investment in your oral health!

  5. Teeth Are Not Made of Bone
  6. While teeth are hard and white like bones, teeth do not contain living tissue so they are not able to heal and regenerate like bones. Bone marrow produces red and white blood cells, but teeth do not.

  7. An Infected Tooth Can Kill You If Left Untreated
  8. Though this may sound alarmist, an infected or abscessed tooth really can worsen to a fatal outcome. The infection can spread through your bloodstream to the brain and heart. When put in these terms, it makes a root canal look like a much better option, doesn’t it? Don’t leave your tooth decay untreated!

  9. Brushing Only Reaches 60% of Your Teeth’s Surface
  10. If you only brush the surface of your teeth, you’re missing 40% of your teeth! Bacteria live and breed between your teeth so without flossing that bacteria can thrive. This increases your likelihood of bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. Flossing, regularly and correctly, is just as important as brushing.

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