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Cracked Teeth | Missing Teeth | Knocked Out Teeth | Toothache | Loose Crowns | Abscesses Dental emergencies happen without warning. Whether it’s a broken tooth that has you in severe pain, a sports injury, or a tooth abscess — you need a trusted 24/7 emergency dentist you can call — even on Saturday. Toothology, serving Scottsdale and the surrounding area, sets aside time each day to care for patients who are experiencing a dental emergency. We serve returning patients and new ones! At Toothology, we take great pride in offering emergency dental service at our judgment-free, state-of-the-art office! We leave room in our schedule to ensure we can see you the same day you call. Instead of waiting in pain for your next scheduled appointment, we recommend that you contact our office as soon as possible, so we can provide the necessary treatment before the issue worsens. All interactions are protected by our privacy policy.

Common Dental Emergencies to Receive Professional Care

So many of us take our teeth for granted — that is until they start causing problems. While some dental issues are minor, others deserve immediate care. Here are some of the most common types of dental emergencies:

Toothache: Severe tooth decay can quickly turn into an infection. When this occurs, you might experience severe pain and swelling in the affected tooth and its surrounding gums. It’s important to seek treatment because tooth infections can spread to other parts of your body if bacteria enter your bloodstream.

Broken or cracked tooth: While a tooth crack may seem like a minor problem, it’s actually putting you at risk for infection. Cracked or broken teeth are usually the result of a sports injury, but can sometimes occur when biting down on something hard.

Lose/knocked out teeth: Common from a fall or from a blow to the mouth. The good news is that if you contact the office quickly enough, we can help save a loose or damaged tooth from extraction.

Loss of a crown: Sometimes a temporary crown will become loose when you’re waiting for a permanent dental crown. If this happens, try to make sure you hold onto the temporary crown, so that you won’t need an entirely new one. You can attempt to put the crown back in place with a small amount of toothpaste or dental cement.

Bleeding: Bleeding can be caused by other problems such as an infection, advanced gum disease or severe tooth decay. Having emergency dental care done helps identify the cause of your bleeding and the course of treatment.

What to Do in an Emergency:
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The most important thing to remember in a dental emergency is to remain calm. Call our dentistry immediately.
While you’re waiting for your dental emergency appointment, here are some things you can do at home to alleviate pain and save a lost tooth:

Use a mixture of salt and water to relieve irritation and cleanse swelling in your mouth.

If a tooth is knocked out, retrieve it and preserve it in a glass of milk until you can get to dental attention.

Use a cold compress to help reduce swelling, numb a painful area, and apply pressure to stop bleeding.

Preventing Dental Emergencies

Even with the advent of sports mouthguards, dental emergencies are inevitable. If you are not sure your problem qualifies as an emergency, please follow this advice: If it hurts, it’s an emergency.

Sometimes even oral problems that seem small can affect the other tissues inside the teeth and mouth. Immediate emergency treatment will improve the odds of saving an injured or damaged tooth.

The same is true of a lost filling or crown. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, the tooth has lost its support and it could easily become damaged.

No Insurance? We Have Insurance For Urgent Situations

Whether you have dental insurance or not, you can always count on Toothology for affordable dental emergency services.

For those patients with no insurance, our pricing is reasonable and we can work with you to meet your financial needs. Financing is also available to see a dentist!

We are in-network with many insurance companies. If we aren’t in-network with your provider we’re happy to work with you to ensure that your urgent care needs are met at a fair price.


Call Us for Same Day Emergency Dentist Dental Care

If you are having a painful dental emergency, contact Toothology in Scottsdale. While we’re not open 24 hours, it’s always our goal to promptly and comfortably treat dental emergency patients and get you back to health. Walk-in patients are also welcome for possible same day appointments.

If you don’t need an emergency dental care appointment at the moment, we recommend that you save our number to your phone’s address book and keep a copy on your fridge, too. Since there’s often no way to predict when emergencies may arise, it’s important to have our number handy if and when one occurs!

Please remember that Toothology is not open on Sunday.

About Your Go-To Emergency Dentist

Dr. Aaron Jeziorski works hard to ensure his patients feel safe and comfortable at Toothology. One of the many ways he goes above and beyond for his patients is with his dedication to being there for them whenever they need it. As a trustworthy, skilled dental professional, he believes that his duty to the Arizona community extends beyond Toothology’s office hours. He gives each patient his personal phone number, so if they find themselves in need of urgent dental care, they can count on Dr. Jeziorski to be there!

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Most Common Dental Emergencies

Unsure if your dental issue constitutes as an emergency? We’ve made a list of some of the most common dental problems that need to be treated immediately. If you have any of the following, we strongly encourage you to call us right away!

Broken dental crown, bridge, or denture

Chipped/cracked tooth or veneer

Inflamed or infected bump on gums

Knocked-out tooth

Loose adult tooth

Lost filling

Throbbing, persistent toothache


Save Our Number!

If you don’t need emergency dental care at the moment, we recommend that you save our number or Dr. Jeziorski’s into your phone’s address book and keep a copy on your fridge, too. Since there’s often no way to predict when dental emergencies may arise, it’s important to have our number handy if and when one occurs!


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