IV Sedation

IV Sedation in Scottsdale, AZ

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In order to make dental procedures less painful or less worrisome, IV sedation may be necessary. You may want to think about what sedation options you have if you are a bit anxious about a big dental procedure coming up. We can help with a variety of options at Toothology!

IV Sedation

Makes Visits Easier

The benefits of IV sedation include being able to choose how much of the procedure you are aware of while it is taking place. However, you are blissfully unaware of what is happening until it is over and you are ready to leave.

Nitrous Oxide: if you want to just take the edge off, as we offer that free here at bluedot dental with any dental procedure.

Conscious Sedation: which involves you taking medication 1-2 hours prior to the procedure.

Ways IV Sedation Can Help

Nitrous or oral sedation cannot provide you with deeper sedation

With Nitrous or oral sedation, you reach your level of sedation more quickly

It is possible to adjust the level of IV sedation to meet your needs

Sedated through an IV is less likely to cause a gag reflex

After stopping the IV medication, you can recover more quickly

After the procedure, you probably won't remember much if anything about it

You can get more of your dental issues treated in less time, and with fewer visits


IV Sedation is Better

Oral sedation can be helpful if anxiety is mild and the only concern, but it can also be difficult to regulate. Nitrous can also be helpful, but it only works with mild issues and can leave you feeling off for a bit after it is taken off. IV sedation is able to be controlled more precisely, giving you all of the benefits without the drawbacks.


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