5 Uncommon Dental Diseases

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Although gingivitis and periodontitis (gum disease), tooth decay, and canker sores are common oral health issues, there are even more reasons to monitor your oral health via at-home care and biannual dental visits! The following five dental ailments aren’t as common as the aforementioned conditions but require immediate medical attention if you experience any of their symptoms.

  1. Thrush
  2. Usually seen in children and elderly patients, thrush is an oral fungal infection that develops when a yeast called candida albicans grows at an abnormally rapid rate in your mouth. Those who have dry mouth, bacterial issues, or wear dentures are at an increased risk of developing thrush. If you see white spots appear on your tongue and your mouth, it’s time to see a doctor!

  3. Hyperdontia
  4. Some people have too many teeth! When too many teeth erupt from your gums at a young age, this can throw off the way that permanent teeth grow in. Overcrowded teeth can also negatively affect your jaw alignment and require orthodontic treatment to correct. The best way to deal with hyperdontia is with extractions.

  5. Burning Mouth Syndrome
  6. You may have burning mouth syndrome if you have a lingering burning sensation in your mouth, possibly accompanied by dry mouth and impacted taste buds. This condition can be caused by hormonal changes, bacterial overgrowth, or nerve damage, and mostly affects middle-aged or older women.

  7. Temporomandibular Joint Pain
  8. More commonly known as TMD or TMJ disorder, this debilitating and painful ailment occurs when there is dysfunction of the disc, muscles, and ligaments that allow movement of your jaw. If you grind your teeth, have arthritis, or have uneven tooth and jaw alignment, you are at risk of your jaw not functioning optimally. Ask us about a custom-fitted nightguard and therapy to ease your pain.

  9. Germinated Teeth
  10. Germinated teeth are two teeth with a single tooth root. Although it sounds like a pretty cool thing to have, germinated teeth can cause overcrowding and tooth decay, both of which need immediate attention to resolve.

Even if your teeth and gums seem healthy and you’re brushing and flossing every day, it’s critical you come see us twice a year for preventive care. We can ensure you don’t develop any common or uncommon dental problems. We hope to see you and your smile at Toothology Dental soon. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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