Weird Toothpaste Flavors

Did you know that toothpaste doesn’t only come in bubblegum and different mint flavorings? We’ve found some weird and wacky flavors out there that will either make you cringe and shudder, chuckle and raise an eyebrow, or actually get you excited to pick up your toothbrush twice a day!

  1. Pine
  2. We commonly think of pine as a great scent for car fresheners, candles, soap, and fabric softener. Apparently, it is also a toothpaste flavor!

    A person holds up a lone pine needle against a white background

  3. Bacon
  4. Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of bacon? We love a good BLT sandwich, but we’re not totally sure if brushing our teeth with bacon toothpaste sounds like the best breath freshener.

  5. Licorice
  6. This flavor might totally gross some people out, but licorice lovers will rejoice!

  7. Cupcake
  8. Cupcakes are delicious, but they aren’t so great for your teeth when eaten in excess, especially when they are loaded up with frosting and sprinkles. Albeit being a little strange, cupcake toothpaste seems to allow you to enjoy a sweet treat without the potential tooth damage. Just be sure to not swallow your tasty toothpaste!

    Aerial view of vanilla cupcakes with blue frosting and colorful sprinkles on a pink counter

  9. Pickle
  10. Due to their high acid content, pickles are actually one of the worst things that you can eat for your teeth. Pickle toothpaste, on the other hand, eliminates that issue. But like bacon toothpaste, we wonder how much it could actually improve your breath.

  11. Coffee
  12. Coffee toothpaste is one way to wake yourself up in the morning! If you’re a fan of drinking a cup of the real thing, try to limit your consumption due to its acidic and staining properties. If you must indulge, drink with a straw to limit your coffee’s contact with your teeth. Moreover, avoid certain types of coffee drinks and creamers that are high in added sugar.

  13. Chocolate
  14. We all know a chocolate addict who’d love to brush their teeth with chocolate toothpaste, but it might not feel like they’re actually cleaning their teeth while they brush with it!

    Aerial view of a cluster of chocolates intermixed with raspberries, dusted with powdered chocolate

  15. Eggplant
  16. We’d be interested to know if anyone loves eggplant so much that they’d want their toothpaste to be eggplant-flavored…

  17. Curry
  18. If you regularly crave a good bowl of curry, hurry to try out curry toothpaste.

  19. Oreo
  20. It’s hard to believe that anything Oreo-flavored could actually help ward off cavities and plaque. At least it can’t leave all that black Oreo sludge on your teeth. However, we wonder if this flavor would tempt the brusher to reach for a glass of milk post-brushing!

No matter what your favorite toothpaste flavor is, be sure to brush with it twice a day for cavity-free, healthy teeth. Dr. Jeziorski and the team at Toothology Dental look forward to seeing you at our office for your twice yearly cleaning and exam. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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