45% of Parents Miss Work for Children’s Dental Appointments

It’s a problem all parents understand: having to take time off work to take your kids to the dentist. Delta Dental conducted a recent survey that found a staggering 45% of U.S. parents reported missing work due to their child’s oral health, up 6% from 39% in 2015.

45% of parents reported missing “some work” (up 6% from 2015), 14% reported missing 4–10 hours of work (up 4%) and 10% of parents reported missing 1–3 hours (up 2%).

But it’s not just parents that have to miss work for these dental appointments, it’s children that have to miss school as well. That’s why here at Toothology Dental, our top priority is making sure our patients don’t have to miss out on work or school for their dental appointment.

We offer convenient appointments before work and school to be sure your dental visits work around your busy schedule. Call today to make your appointment!

About the Survey: The Children’s Oral Health Survey was conducted between January 24, 2017 and January 31, 2017 among a nationally representative sample of 1,588 parents of children ages 6-12, with a margin of error of +/- 2.5%.

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