Preventive Dental Care = Lower Health Care Costs

Regularly visiting your dentist results in not only healthy smiles, but healthy bodies and lower health care costs as well, a recent United Concordia study has found. The study examined the value of regular dental check ups for all patients, not just for patients with chronic conditions.

“Our newest study revealed a substantial correlation between preventive dental care compliance and medical claims costs,” said Dr. James Bramson, United Concordia’s chief dental officer. “By analyzing a cross-section of covered individuals, we have uncovered significant medical savings associated with those who receive preventive dental care twice a year,” Bramson said.

United Concordia claims the savings could be up to $200 per adult per year in some cases. Patients of all ages that visited the dentist regularly over the course of three years saved $68 per year compared to those who didn’t visit the dentist. Patients ages 4–18 who regularly visited the dentist saw a yearly savings of $134 per year. But it was older adults that saw the most savings, with $219 saved yearly by those with regular dental visits. This is savings, Bramson said, that can often cover the cost of many dental plan premiums.

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