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Is Brushing Teeth After Eating Good?

Read our blog post to discover how soon you can brush your teeth after eating without harming your enamel. Our Scottsdale dental team is here to help you have a strong and healthy smile. Contact us for additional dental tips!

Does Mouthwash Actually Work?

Discover if your oral hygiene routine could benefit from an alcohol-free mouthwash by reading our blog post. Contact us for mouthwash recommendations to meet your specific dental needs!

How to Prevent Dry Socket

Read our blog post to learn what dry socket is and how to prevent this painful dental condition after a tooth extraction. We are here for all your dental care needs. Contact us for additional prevention tips or pain relief!

Weird Toothpaste Flavors

Discover 10 wacky toothpaste flavors on Toothology Dental’s blog! No matter your preferred flavor, be sure to brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes each time to promote strong and healthy teeth. Contact our team for tips to improve your oral hygiene routine.

About Yaeba: A Japanese Dental Practice

Read our blog post to learn about a dental trend among some Japanese women that encourages crooked teeth. We discuss the potential risks associated with misaligned teeth and highlight some of our orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry options. Contact us to get the smile of your dreams!

Who Is the Father of Modern Dentistry?

Read our blog post to learn about individuals throughout history that influenced the evolution of dentistry. Thanks to the contributions of these and other innovative persons, Toothology Dental utilizes modern-day technology to deliver high-quality dental care. Come visit our comfortable office, where you’ll be treated as a valuable member of our dental family!

5 Uncommon Dental Diseases

Check out our blog post to learn about thrush, hyperdontia, TMD, burning mouth syndrome, and germinated teeth. We can help protect you from oral disease, both common and uncommon. Contact us to schedule your next appointment to check-up on the health of your mouth.