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The Norwegian Tooth Bank That Doesn’t Loan Money

Did you know that your child’s first set of teeth could be a window into their health history? Read our blog post to learn about a bank in Norway that collects baby teeth for research purposes. Bring your child to see us every six months to confirm their teeth are healthy and strong!

John Lennon’s Famous Tooth

How much would you spend to own a tooth of your favorite celebrity? Check out our blog to discover how much one dentist paid for the tooth of John Lennon, a famous singer-songwriter and member of the Beatles. If you need “Help!” getting your smile to where you want it to be, “We Can Work It Out” at Toothology Dental. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

Weird Things Dentists Have Found in a Patient’s Mouth

Read our blog post to learn about 5 of the strangest things found in a patient’s mouth by their dentist! Oral hygiene neglect can not only lead to wacky stories, but also hazardous and serious consequences to your health. Come visit us every six months to confirm there’s nothing odd going on in your mouth.

Is Oil Pulling Bad for My Teeth?

Have you heard about oil pulling, the practice of swishing edible oil around your mouth for an extended period of time then spitting it out? Check out our post to discover if oil pulling actually delivers the oral health benefits promised by its advocates across the internet. Ask us for more information about which dental hygiene practices are safe and which are phony. Contact us today!

4 Tips to Avoid Bad Toothbrush Habits

Are you using and storing your toothbrush properly? Check out our blog post for 4 tips to avoid or stop bad toothbrush habits in order to maximize your toothbrush’s cleaning power. Ask our expert team all your dental care questions!

Why Victorian-Era Brides Lost Their Teeth

Read our blog post to discover why women in the Victorian era lost their teeth when they got married. Aren’t you glad we live in this modern-age of advanced technology and high-quality patient care? We can help you enjoy your smile for a lifetime—contact us today!

How Teeth Are Used As Currency in One Country

Read our blog post to discover how an island nation in the Pacific Ocean uses dolphin teeth as money in their rural commerce. Unfortunately, most species can’t protect their smile like you can! Come see our team soon to keep your teeth safe and healthy. Be sure to ask us for tips on making your oral hygiene routine more eco-friendly.

The History of Putting Grills & Diamonds on Teeth

Check out our blog post to discover the history of grills and what popularized this dental jewelry. Are you unsure whether or not certain dental trends can harm your teeth? Ask our team! We can direct you to safe oral care practices that will protect your smile.

Dental Implants FAQs

If you are missing teeth, consider dental implants to restore your smile to full beauty and function. In our blog post, we provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this restorative dental procedure. Contact us for more information!

Ways to Make Your Teeth Look Whiter in Photos

Check out our blog post for tips to make your teeth look whiter in photos. Our team wants you to have a smile you’re proud to show off! If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, contact us today to learn more about our teeth whitening options.