4 Tips to Avoid Bad Toothbrush Habits

A red toothbrush with soft white bristles stands upright against a blue background

In order to get rid of tooth grime, do you just throw a dollop of toothpaste on your toothbrush, give your teeth a few swipes, and call it a day? We hope not! Believe it or not, many folks don’t have good brushing habits. Our team at Toothology Dental wants to empower our patients with the know-how of exceptional oral health. Follow these four dental tips to avoid or stop bad toothbrush habits.

  1. A Brush of Fresh Air
  2. Although you might want to keep your toothbrush tucked away under wraps, that will only encourage bacteria to accumulate on it. Store your brush upright so it can dry in the open air to discourage germ growth.

  3. Gentle Dental Care
  4. While it might seem logical to brush with extreme force to get all the gunk out, your delicate gums and protective enamel will pay the price for your vigor. All you need is gentle, deliberate pressure on your teeth, especially in the area where your teeth and gums meet. Moreover, choose a toothbrush that has soft bristles instead of firm or hard to avoid irritating your gums and stripping away your enamel. Along with being gentle on your teeth, keep your brush at a 45-degree angle to your gums while gently moving your brush in small jiggling circles. Don’t forget to hit the inner and chewing surfaces of your teeth and brush your tongue back-to-front and side-to-side for a thorough cleaning.

  5. Out with the Old
  6. Whether it’s out of nostalgia or frugality, holding on to your toothbrush indefinitely is detrimental to the health of your teeth. For optimal teeth-cleaning power, switch out your toothbrush every three to four months and after you’ve been sick. So say goodbye to frayed bristles and hello to soft new ones!

  7. Slow & Steady
  8. Gold medals of neither cleanliness nor speed will be awarded to those who finish brushing their teeth the fastest. As an small investment in your oral health that will have big returns, brush until you hit the two minute mark, twice a day, every day. We suggest listening to a fun song while brushing our teeth, such as “The Clean Up Woman” by Betty Wright.

If you have additional questions about good vs. bad oral care habits, please contact us today! And remember to schedule your six-month dental checkup and cleaning to confirm your oral health is in tip-top condition.

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