Dental Tips

How to Prevent Dry Socket

Read our blog post to learn what dry socket is and how to prevent this painful dental condition after a tooth extraction. We are here for all your dental care needs. Contact us for additional prevention tips or pain relief!

Is Oil Pulling Bad for My Teeth?

Have you heard about oil pulling, the practice of swishing edible oil around your mouth for an extended period of time then spitting it out? Check out our post to discover if oil pulling actually delivers the oral health benefits promised by its advocates across the internet. Ask us for more information about which dental hygiene practices are safe and which are phony. Contact us today!

5 Ways to Cure Bad Breath

Are you embarrassed by your foul-smelling breath? Read our blog post to learn 5 ways to freshen your breath. Our Scottsdale dental practice wants you to feel confident about your smile and your oral health. Contact our friendly team for more dental care tips or to schedule your next cleaning and checkup!

3 Tips for Healthy Gums

Your teeth may be squeaky clean, but what about your gums? Read our blog to learn 3 tips to avoid periodontal disease. Our dental practice offers 2 gum therapies if you currently have gum disease. We care about the health of your entire mouth—call our friendly office to schedule an appointment!